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One Step from Normal–a book on polio

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If you had polio and are living with the after effects now called Post-Polio Syndrome or are a victim of any other chronic illness, the question that needs answering is not what is wrong with me, but how do I live with the hard-to-handle effects of my condition in order to enjoy the best quality of life possible.  Answers don’t come on lists, or appear on the internet.  The rules of living are different for each individual.  Physical therapy has a serious function in the treatment of debilitating issues and finding a therapist that suits you is vital. A therapist is an expert at establishing suitable rehabilitative exercises and in addition can prescribe and instruct the patient on use of assistive equipment such as canes, walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs. Post-Polio syndrome is tricky.  As the patient ages, the therapist will establish a consistent program for exercise, so as not to overtax the already overworked muscles, but at the same time continue to conserve and sustain strength throughout the body.  A trial and error approach should be applied to each individual.  In 2001, Julie K. Silver, M.D. published an enlightening book called Post-Polio Syndrome   A Guide for Polio Survivors and Their Families. I highly recommend this book to anyone suffering with Post-Polio Syndrome or to anyone who might be working with someone with this condition for the first time.  Insight into various treatments and their benefits to the survivors can be useful, but it takes a special therapist who can walk the fine line Post-Polio Syndrome requires.

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