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Slight rest for the holiday

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My whirlwind of marketing activity as finally abated a bit and I have a chance to breathe.  I want to thank all of those wonderful people who gave me the opportunity to sell my book, Musket and Mobcap.  A special thanks goes to Beth and Nancy for having me at the Taconic PTA Spring Conference.  Also, thanks Alison, for inviting me to the Millbrook Book Festival and of course note of thanks to Merritt Bookstore for making selling so easy.  I can’t forget to mention Barnes and Noble in Poughkeepsie for their continued support. 

As we move into the tourist season, I hope all you museums and other independent bookstores who carry my book have great success this summer. 

Remember, everyone, that beginning next week you’ll be able to find me giving tours at the Van Wyck Homestead Museum.  I will be giving a special presentation of my book at the Van Wyck house on Sunday, June 12th at 2PM.  Hope to see many of you there.  Come and get your copy signed.

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