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Writer’s Block

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Do you need a break from writing or have you missed more than a few days of that New Year’s resolution?  Are you wondering where you can find help? Does your main character feel stagnant or you need inspiration for your plot?

If so, then I recommend the article, “25 Ways to Improve your writing in 30 Minutes a Day, found in the newest issue of Writer’s Digest magazine (February 2011).

I plan to cut out these techniques and keep them at my elbow for those times when I need a nudge, a prod, or a bucket of water thrown in my face.  Why? Because the authors touch on each area of the craft and the titles of each short piece are in red so you can’t miss them!  (The publishing designer knew what he was doing.) This collection leads you right into the next sixteen pages full of help and suggestions.  Before you know it you’ve finished this issue.  Good luck and great reading.

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